Stitch! Maker’s Retreat

Our (FIRST EVER) Stitch! Maker’s Retreat was a beautiful BLAST! Let me explain…us makers were surrounded by snowy trees on the top of the Chewlah Peak mountain in a beautiful building. To make it better? It was snowing & looked like diamond glitter falling down from the sky. Just. Simply. Beautiful. Oh, did I mention we almost all got massages?

Talk about a relaxing weekend…There were quilters, knitters, crocheters, every kind of maker! & some were even beginners. It is so cool that we are inspiring more people to LOVE this past-time tradition.

So let me lay out what our days looked like.

We woke up when we wanted (but breakfast was at 8, so we had to keep our priorities straight..). One girl woke up at 6am and did a bible study in front of the fire while drinking already-prepared coffee. One girl woke up AT 8 O CLOCK and scrambled over to grab some pancakes (ahem…that would be me). Then we went on to start making!

Lunch was at noon, then we started playing Fabric Bingo. Stitch! provided some pretty neat prizes (fat quarter bundles, 10″ 40pc fabric packs, books, patterns…). There were a few demos- Pajama Pants with Pockets, Log Cabin (designs by jb), Grocery Tote, and English Paper Piecing.

Late Night PJ Party after the DIY PJ Tutorial! Way to go girls!

Dinner Time

Okay talk about YUM. The food provided at this facility was delish, at least in my opinion. By this time my fingers were getting tired and I would walk around the pop-up shop. Stitch! & designs by jb provided a shop where you kept a tab and bought aaaaaaanything you wanted #dangerous. And then bam, you could just take your new fabric/yarn/pattern/whatever back to your pretty little table and stare at it.

Late Night ZEN

Did I mention there were massages available, and a late night Zen class? I’m relaxed just writing that sentence.

So, this retreat was a whole lot of just doing whatever your heart felt like. There was no pressure to make make make all day long. There was no pressure if you were a beginner or an expert. There was a whole lot of socializing, relaxing, eating (scroll through the pictures below until you see the GIANT snack table we had, it’ll make you hungry). We are so thankful for the support and encouragement from this retreat and are excited for our next one!

Get Inspired

Stitch! is inspired, and I know that I left that retreat feeling inspired. The art of using our hands & brains to create is beautiful. It is also very healthy for us. Before meals, Geri would read passages from one of our new FAVORITE books, called “Craft-fulness : Mend yourself by making things” by Rosemary Davidson & Azru Tahsin. Stitch! is now carrying this book in store ❤

If you didn’t attend the retreat and you like the sounds of it, don’t worry! There will be another retreat SOON! Stay tuned 😉

P.S. everyone received a SWAG bag with this 3″ patch and other goodies. There will be a patch for every Stitch! retreat.

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