Our First Year!

Our First Year, WOW! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!

We now have a blog which is SUPER exciting! We wanted to share some fun memories from our first year…

Putting up our “coming soon” sign
Seeing our space for the 1st time!
Seeing our space for the 1st time!
The old store front
Facing our fear of heights & painting Stitch!
All done!
So thankful for minions 🙂
Pete joined us to help paint ❤
Fabulous men helping install our hand built point of sale!
love love love! Jamie did a fabulous job!

Our first cut of fabric!

Our motto(pattern coming soon) made by Geri Sauter
Ready for our Soft Opening! April 14th 2018
Grand Opening!!!! May 19, 2018
Our first trunk show! Put on by “designs by jb” – talented Janine Burke-
The first bus trip. What a fabulous group!
Our first Stitch! Maker’s Retreat (read about it here)

We have had quilting, knitting, and crocheting classes (not pictured- not sure who wants their picture posted!).

We are currently planning our 1st birthday (read about that event here!) and designing our 2019 Row by Row block!

Overall, we have had a great first year and are so thankful for everyone’s support & encouragement.

Blessings from Geri + the Stitch! crew

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