“Embrace Your Imperfections”

Some of the Stitch! Crew attended this event at the Barrister Winery in Downtown Spokane. The winery is a beautiful, historic setting and it was a uniquely fun night filled with inspiration and community for all machine quilters!

The secret to great quilting isn’t necessarily knowing how to quilt a perfect design, it’s knowing how to hide your mistakes! In this funny and encouraging trunk show, I will share my secrets for hiding or highlighting elements of your quilting. Whether it’s drawing attention from piecing that’s more “organic” than precise, or showing off that design that you finally nailed, you will leave excited to finish the quilt tops that you may have in your UFO pile or laying around the house.

Angela Walters

If you don’t know who Angela Walters is, that’s OK! Some of us didn’t either…but after going, I think I watched every YouTube video she has ever posted… O_O

She has a Midnight Quilt Show which is full of fun and quirky video tutorials, tips, and her cool personality really shines through!

Angela started out just like the rest of us – as a beginner! We all have to be reminded that we aren’t perfect and we do make mistakes and have imperfections – which we can let frustrate us, or, we can embrace them 🙂 Honestly…if you are worried about mistakes, I am here to tell you…you are probably the only one who will EVER see those mistakes. (That’s what Angela told us, so we are telling you!)

As a beginning machine quilter I commonly feel stuck because I don’t know what design to use for machine quilting…whether the options are too many, too little, or maybe I just hadn’t had enough coffee.

The truth is that picking quilting designs for your quilt top can be almost as difficult as actually quilting them!

Angela Walters

Step back and consider the inspiration behind the quilt. We encourage you to not be scared or discouraged! We don’t want the machine quilting to be the hardest step in the quilt (because obviouslyyyyyyy that is the dreaded binding step – ……..) So we encourage you to just start. Start somewhere! We believe in you ❤

Check out her website, and MAKE SURE to read her biography (she knows Tula Pink…she QUILTS for Tula Pink!!) (Don’t let that scare you) It has links to her online shop, YouTube channel, and her free-motion quilting challenge.

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