The Hoppin’ Event of the Year

April 25, 26, & 27th 2019 were some of the busiest days Stitch! has seen! There were a whopping 422 shop hoppers – WOW! We were SEW excited to have so many new people see the shop and are extremely thankful for everyone who made this event possible 🙂

24 bolts of fabric were emptied (4 of which were our favorite Ghastly fabric)…

Our giveaway for the 2019 Shop Hop was a sewing pin with different sayings, fold-out rose gold scissors, and our star pattern. We also handed out “Vitamin Q” (M&M’s) ❤

We raffled off this adorable Color Master Fat Quarter Bundle for our giveaway and our winner was selected at 6:15pm on Saturday after the Shop Hop was concluded.

Our Star Pattern “Kit” was a very popular seller. Each store was required to design a 9″ block & hand out the patterns to each shop hopper, kits were optional. We weren’t sure how well they would sell, but we were pleasantly surprised!

Our sale items were popular as well! Our Christmas fabric was 40% off, and we had some fabric, books, wildlife panels, thread, and yarn at 35% off. Don’t worry, we still have a sale rack set up in Stitch!

The local Country Samplers were raffling off this quilt during the Shop Hop.

Something new we are excited about! These 3 yard quilts are fast and fun! So we just had to make some kits 🙂

Overall, we are so thankful for everyone who made this event possible! It was so much fun and we are excited for the next shop hop!

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